Elevate Your Arizona Experience with Sanctuary Resort and golickity

Discover Arizona’s best-kept secrets through our exclusive partnership with Sanctuary Resort in Scottsdale. “golickity”, your gateway to curated local experiences, has teamed up with the luxurious Sanctuary Resort to offer you an unforgettable journey into the heart of Arizona.

Booking with Sanctuary Resort’s Concierge

As a guest at Sanctuary Resort, accessing golickity’s curated experiences is as simple as consulting the concierge. Let their expert guidance help you choose from a handpicked selection of Arizona’s finest dinners, drinks, events, and more.

Embrace Arizona’s Diversity

Explore the diversity of Arizona through golickity’s offerings:

1. Experience local hospitality concepts Arizona has to offer with their culinary talents and world class interior designs to curate the best mood possible

2. Enjoy the broad range of talent as golickity keeps their list of restaurants up to date with the newest and most iconic establishments

3.Supporting local to secure a better economy. We made it a point to include the restaurants that are uniquely local to Arizona, or have also created a buzzworthy experience that Arizonans or out of town visitors are sure to enjoy

Supporting Local Businesses and Community

Our collaboration with Sanctuary Resort emphasizes supporting local businesses and communities. Your booking directly contributes to the growth of Arizona’s entrepreneurs and artisans.


Enhance Your Arizona Stay Today

Unlock the true essence of Arizona through Sanctuary Resort and golickity. Book your curated local experience now and elevate your Arizona visit at golickity.com/experiences

Ask Sanctuary Resort’s concierge to learn more and explore golickity’s offerings at golickity.com/experiences. Create lasting memories with this exceptional partnership and enjoy your next Arizona adventure today!

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