Some Questions

Soo… how exactly does a “golickity” experience work?

What exactly is a “golickity” experience package?

Our concierge team books for you at least 3 different activities on your “experience itinerary”. Please be aware that each experience package purchased is on average at least 4 hours to 6 hours depending on your selection(s). See each experience’s product page to confirm the timeframes we advise before purchasing. All reservations are final.

Can I include certain “add-on activities” to my experience package?
  • Each experience package will have its corresponding activity add-ons available for selection. Please advise some of the add-on activities you choose may be scheduled for the following day of your chosen “experience itinerary” date. Some of these activities may include Mobile IV Drip Services, Mobile Yoga, or Brunch. On average, each individual booked activity may be 1 to 2 hours with or without travel times included. 
  • You will be emailed the exact itinerary details at least 5 business days in advance before the actual experience date(s) selected. Please ensure that you keep the exact chosen date, and/or the following day, for your “curated experience” completely available and flexible. We will not work around individuals’ personal schedules. All reservations are final.
How will I know what the itinerary details are for my purchased package(s)?
  • It’s our company’s mission to ensure that you will only be brought to the best and most unique places that Arizona has to offer. We base these factors on a few checkboxes we ensure are selected. See “How do you choose which places are best for my experience activities?” The FAQ below for more information.
  • We will confirm to you via email, once all reservations are set, what the itinerary activities are for the date(s) you entered upon purchase. Again, some add-on activities may be scheduled for the following day due to availability. See “Can I include certain “add-on activities” to my experience package FAQ for more details. Email us at [email protected] if you have booked your experience package and have yet to receive your itinerary.
How will I know what activities are preset in each “experience itinerary”?
  • Each experience package’s product page before checkout shows the included preset activities. After you choose the experience package you would like more details on, see the “Experience Includes” section. We do not change any preset activities for any experience package. You may include any available “activity add-on” to expand your itinerary from what activities are preset.
    • Example: Family packages are focused to have mostly family-friendly activities versus a Couple Date Night package that will focus on more romantic activities for two people.
  • If you are a couple that would like to do something for your family one day and then another experience for a date night the next, you would just need to book each experience individually and select which dates you would like us to book your separate itineraries. All reservations are final. Please contact us if you have questions on the experience you just booked at [email protected].
What is a “Dining Credit” or “Brunch Credit”?

Some “golickity” experience packages include a prepaid credit for the business or restaurant booked. When a “golickity” team member set up your reservation, a prepaid credit was purchased so it can be discounted at the time of your bill. All businesses will understand at the time of reservation that this will need to be redeemed for your bill. All charges accrued past the credit specified on the experience package will be on the customer to cover directly with the business.

How will I know if I will like the activities booked in my experience itinerary?
  • We understand that sometimes it can be hard to stay positive and spontaneous if you have serious preferences. Look towards the bottom of your experience package’s product page where we have the “Dislikes” section. This area will allow you to choose certain things that you would like for us to try and limit. Example: If you do not want to be out all night, make sure you select under the “Dislikes” section the “Party Animal Til 2 AM”. This will allow us to know that you dislike staying up late and that you should probably be in bed before 10 PM.
  • Although we cannot guarantee that the activity/business we choose will not have the item(s) or preference eliminated entirely, we will try and book the best ones from our directory that will meet most of your specifications. Email us at [email protected] if you have concerns or questions about the experience you just booked.
How do you choose which places are best for my experience activities?
  • The reason why we decided to start a business booking “curated experiences” for people was because we wanted to show everyone what each city has best to offer. Everyone has been in the unfortunate circumstance of needing to choose a place to dine or enjoy and either wasn’t familiar with the area or have been out of touch with the hottest and new places to go. It’s okay! We’ve been there ourselves and this is why it’s in our booking blueprint to stay up to date with the best the local area has to offer! 
  • We even get our “golickity” customer’s feedback of their experiences and share it with our businesses to ensure all experiences are accounted for, positive or negative. Help us help our local businesses give the best experiences possible by providing your direct feedback if your experience or service was EXCEPTIONAL or had a few kinks. 
  • Our internal directory of businesses and vendors that we book for each activity was handselected by our team due to a few different checkmarks:
    • If you see the place we chose for your activity then it probably has one or more of these:
      • Is one of the hottest & new places to experience by top, raving reviews
      • One or more of our “golickity” team members has enjoyed the experience positively already and continues to recommend to their loved ones; hearing even more positive reviews come back. See “Our Team” page to know more on who are behind the bookings
      • Ambiance is one of a kind and/or unique to its city or state
      • A top-rated chef is known for their menu items. (We even will suggest which top rated item per that business is recommended in the itinerary details so you can try!)
      • Has been known for exceptional and friendly service
      • We LOVE helping local businesses. We prefer to book first with small local businesses, or businesses that are known for giving back to the state or community they serve.
  • Help us help our booked businesses stay connected with their services! After your booked experience, you will have an opportunity to share feedback about your time. We take this very seriously and will report this back to all businesses involved. We even have a removal process if we see that a business or vendor is impacting our “golickity” customers experiences negatively. Sometimes it just takes even one poor review. We hold our businesses and vendors to the highest standards so we can feel confident in how your time is spent. Thank you for being apart in supporting our local partnerships.
        What if I had a bad experience with one of the vendors or businesses in your activity?

        Help us help our businesses and vendors be better! After your booked experience, you will have an opportunity on sharing feedback in a short survey. We take all feedback very seriously and report it back to each business and vendor we use. We even have a removal process if we see that a business or vendor is continuing to impact our “golickity” customers experiences. Sometimes a one time offense is all it takes. Contact us at [email protected] if you had a bad experience with a business or vendor booked for one of your activities.

        How can I gift a “golickity” experience to a loved one or many?

        Choose our “Gift An Experience” product and you will be able to select from the dropdown options any of our available “golickity” experiences to gift! You will be able to enter the email address to send the “golickity” gift experience and personalize a message letting them know how special they are! You are such a gem. Click here to purchase gift card.

        How is “golickity” helping the Arizona community?

        When we started this business, we not only wanted to make sure that we helped our small and local businesses get more traffic, but we also wanted to give back to our charities. Shop some of our experiences that highlight which exact businesses or nonprofits we are giving directly to. 

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